Father Denis J. Hanly was a Maryknoll Missionary for over 55 years. He was a wonderful pastor who looked after his flock with great care and dedication. He is dearly loved and greatly missed.

To see how people still feel about Father, click Eulogy.

To see Father’s biography from Maryknoll, click Biography.

On this website, we offer a selection of Father’s homilies. We recorded these homilies, with Father’s permission, over a period of more than five years. He also very kindly gave us permission to upload these homilies to our website.

It is our hope that through these recordings Father’s words will continue to guide us and change our lives.

And it is our special hope that Father’s homilies, always kind, always wise, always full of love, will restore you to peace and harmony through a new understanding of what is important in this world.

These homilies were taped in an ordinary parish, so sounds from the congregation and slips of the tongue are part of the package, but it is a package which is filled with Father’s wisdom, generosity and love.

For photos of Father doing the work he did so well, click Photos.

All photos of paintings on this site are faithful reproductions of two-dimensional public domain works of art or photos we have specific permission to use.

If you would like to contact us, you can reach us at fatherhanly.wordpress.com@gmail.com.

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